What Is This All About?

This 2 hour time frame is just a small part of Christ’s call for our city to pray. We are asking you to pray with us, specifically for our city and nation, during this time. Many of us will be walking, kneeling, standing, or otherwise participating around either Lake Mirror, Lake Hollingsworth, or Munn Park. We are not having any “official” start or rally. We are just asking Christians to be Christ-like and pray. We do encourage you to organize your own prayer teams to go to either the locations mentioned above or a gathering spot of your choosing.

"Unofficial Guide"

Please RSVP and let us know that you are participating. Additionally, we would like to provide you with a sign (free of charge) to hold while praying. The backside includes some prayer points to help guide your prayer topics. Even if you don’t want a sign, we would appreciate it if you let us know you plan on joining in. You’re not alone. We’re in this together

Why You Shouldn't Ignore This

It’s simple. If not you, then who? We as Christians seem to always ask God for the faith of the saints of old, to see the move of God like never before, or an opportunity where we can get out of the boat and walk on the water.

Yet, as Jesus said to the disciples, “Could you not even pray with me?


Christian, God is waiting on you. He isn’t waiting on your pastor. He isn’t waiting for “good timing” for you. He is waiting for you to inconvenience your time to seek him for your city and nation. Will you ignore Him? Will you pray only when it’s a good time for you? If you do, don’t wait too long. You might not be able to make that prayer in public without being arrested.

See The Signs & Download

We will be happy to print and provide signs to you and your group. However, if you want to download the signs yourself, please feel free to due so yourself.

English Signs

Signos En Español

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